Happy Habits For Life



The method


Here we tell you the keys to lead a healthy, fulfilling and happy lifestyle that encourages you in your personal growth.

Be clear about your objectives

Sit down for a moment to think and reconsider, perhaps with a pen and paper you can clarify yourself better. Take a moment for yourself, in silence and without distractions, and think carefully, what do you really want? What is your main objective or objectives? What do you want to achieve more than anything in this world? Do not think that it is an easy task, and you have to take your time, but once you have it clear, DO NOT FORGET IT. Don’t postpone or put your main desire in the background in the face of other distractions, don’t get sidetracked. ALWAYS keep it in mind.

If necessary, repeat it to yourself every morning, write it down somewhere you will see it on a recurring basis, but never forget it. Tenacity will be your tool for success, and banal distractions will be the demon that hinders you on your way.

Once you are aware of the importance of being clear about your objective, and you place it in the place it deserves, you will be able to discover and explore each of the facets that will make your life a full and happy journey.

Take care of your body

In an altruistic way, the universe has provided us with a body and a mind to make of them what we consider. One of the greatest satisfactions there can be is being grateful for what the world has given you. Many times we do not keep in mind the complexity of the process that has had to happen for us to be what we are, and if we stop to think about it, we will realize the great waste that is not taking care of the work of art that nature has given us.


We have absolute freedom to decide what to do with our gift, and we have an infinite number of tools at our disposal to get the most out of it and make it last as long as possible. We know, more or less, what we have to do to take care of it, so why don’t we do it? Why don’t we at least try? Why is it so difficult for us? What can we do to remedy this situation? Only a small effort is necessary, to want to achieve it.


I want to feed my body well, give it nutrients to give me the energy I need during the day to achieve my goals, to stay vital and satisfied. I want to educate my body, help it evolve to reach its full potential and that the hormones that give me that euphoria, that well-being and that self-esteem work perfectly so that I can enjoy the moments on my way to happiness.


Perseverance and discipline are again our great allies. And always enjoying the process, the food, the activities that will lead us to the optimal care of our body.

How to do it?

What you eat


I know you know the benefits of drinking enough water a day. Can’t you drink the recommended two liters a day? You forget? Carry a bottle of water with you all day, if it is by your side it is easier to remember. Water is a source of life, you need it, a lot. And if you drink a glass of water as soon as you get up, all the better.



You also know the hidden wonders behind the fruit. Nature has made it available to us in the easiest way, there are thousands of types to choose from, it is delicious and it is not even necessary to cook it to enjoy it. Why would we choose a salty snack, some kikos or potatoes instead of a good piece of fruit to satiate ourselves between meals, when by nature we are predisposed to like sweets? The industry has shoved so much processed food into our eyes that we’ve forgotten what makes us feel good and even craves. Think of your favorite piece of fruit, make it your best friend, and from there enjoy trying all the fruits you’ve never tried, surely there are many!


Natural food:

Prioritize them over ultra-processed foods. If you like the flavor, use the many spices that we can find in the market, I bet you haven’t tried them all either. Discover all the flavors of nature, do not stick to what they sell you!

Superfoods: These foods provide us with a great source of nutrients and antioxidants, which are very beneficial for our body.

Some of these are: Avocado, kale or kale, almonds, salmon, spinach, chia seeds, broccoli, olive oil, sardines, walnuts, ginger…


Mediterranean diet:

There is a reason UNESCO has declared the Mediterranean diet intangible cultural heritage of Humanity, and that is that the health benefits of this diet are innumerable.

The main characteristics of this diet are a high consumption of vegetable products (fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts), bread and other cereals, olive oil as the main fat, vinegar and the consumption of wine in moderate amounts.

The Mediterranean diet is considered a healthy diet because it provides truly cardioprotective nutritional substances, of which the most important are antioxidants.

What you move

How many of us have experienced that feeling of relief, well-being, satisfaction and euphoria that comes from having finished an intense exercise? That famous release of serotonin, a concept that seems intangible to us and yet we can verify in our own flesh, when we appreciate the sensation it causes us.


We cannot deny that exercise, whether intense or not, produces a wonderful effect on our body, instantly. Not to mention the strength and vigor that it creates in our body when we make these activities a daily and frequent chore.

As well as the propulsion of self-esteem generated by feeling fit and gaining experience in a certain sports field.

Whatever you like, walking, cycling, climbing, weightlifting, ballet, yoga, etc…


All disciplines are valid to boost you on your path to happiness. You just have to choose the ones you like and adopt them as your own, be aware of the enjoyment while you do them and in the subsequent moments. Wanting through these activities to push your body to the limit and verify that it is possible for your body to reach thresholds that you never expected.

Take care of your mind

Just as we want to be grateful to the universe for providing us with a learning body that has no limits, we should also want to do the same with our much more powerful mind.


However, just as it is well known how to take care of our body, taking care of our mind is much less popular and we tend to put it aside.

How can we take care of our mind so that it develops its potential and helps us achieve the desired happiness?


First of all, it can help us to be aware of what we have, of what surrounds us, of how the world works and of our own self. How many people in the world are dedicated to existing only and not knowing themselves? It is so nice to discover what one carries inside, and yet the hectic pace to which we are subjected daily prevents us from stopping for a few minutes without distractions, to breathe, close our eyes and simply think about ourselves.


To take care of our mind we need to take time out of the day to carry out a deep personal reflection, writing in a diary or organizing the day in an agenda can help us in this introspective work.


The great benefit that meditation brings to our body and mind is already well known. Meditating for just a few minutes a day helps us disconnect and relieve stress.

Daily exercises such as gratitude or becoming aware of what is around us can help us find peace and serenity.

Take care of your soul

Little is said about how necessary it is to nourish our soul to feel better about ourselves. Those activities that give us a pleasant and pleasant vision of life that serve as an engine to live new experiences and to continue our journey with enthusiasm.



To take care of our soul we have to unleash our creativity and foster an open mind that allows us to experience situations or sensations never experienced before.


Our soul feels better when we attend and serve others. When we forget our individual self to better understand others.


Constant learning, from its multitude of possible sources, will lead us to a safe and serene state and will introduce us to new paths that will lead us to a satisfied and full life.